Core Aeration

Why Aeration

Core Aerator use is necessary because it:

  • Keeps thatch in check to a large extent
  • Does not allow soil compaction
  • Brings improvement in soil air, water, and nutrition penetration
  • Can stimulate root growth

When Should Aeration Be Done

While the lawn aeration cost might determine when you get the procedure done, determining the appropriate timing for lawn aeration is even more important. The factors that come into play when timing is being determined are the geographic location of your lawn and the climate in the area.

Turfs in Areas with Cool Seasons

Preferred time – Late fall so the lawn can recover before the dormancy period. While spring aerations can be performed, keep in mind that they can affect how effective pre-emergence herbicides will be.
Worst time – During summer heat or winter dormancy

Turfs in Areas with Warm Seasons

Preferred time – Before the transition in fall and after spring green-up i.e. summers.
Worst time – During spring transition or winter dormancy