Fertilizing and Weed Control

One of the important practices in lawn treatment is fertilization. This is not a simple matter since you will not only need the best lawn fertilizer for ultimate results but also choose the best time to fertilize the lawn. Lawn fertilizers ensure the overall health and beauty of a lawn remain cared for and is a critical component without which, your lawn has to fight a daily battle, in order to keep its characteristic healthy dark green color and maintain its growth. The best lawn fertilizer for spring will be the one that:

  • Increases the growth
  • Maintains the color
  • Keeps the vigour
  • Helps your lawn stay thick, rich, and healthy

Along with fertilization, optimal lawn care also has other facets. Two of them are weed control and insect control. It is essential to hire the best weed man lawn care that you can so that your lawn always stay healthy and is not overrun by weeds. Insect control includes dealing with the white grubs that appear in lawns. They are most likely to show up in late summer through early fall, in Ontario. They can be responsible for serious damage, if present in a big enough population occurs on a turf are, such as lawns.

Our Spring Lawn Treatment Program runs from April to October and consists of:

April – Spring Fertilizer

June – Spring Weed Control

Late June – Summer Fertilizer

Late August – Late Summer Fertilizer

October –   Winter fertilizer

We also offer the option to choose and customize from between the different parts of the program, according to your needs.