Driveway Interlock

You have just about given up hope after that last landscaping company that you hired. They left a mess behind and did not even come close to what you had asked for! Fret not, Lotus Landscaping is here to save the day – and your driveway!

Here is why we think you should opt for an interlocking design for your driveway:

  • Interlocking paving stones look cool and add a bit of oomph to a place
  • You will have a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns of interlocking stone to choose from and we all love having so many choices!
  • Maintaining interlock paving takes no effort and we swear by its durability
  • It is relatively easy and quite low on the money required to get any repairs done.

20140725_234947218_iOSOur way of working is quite simple. Our representative – Interlocking Driveways Wizard – will meet with you. You explain to them what – draw, imagine, mime or point at the neighbour’s driveway – your vision of the driveway is. They help you reach the best decision that will have all the neighbours and family members suffer the ultimate curb envy.

Next comes the part where the customized design decided upon is transferred on paper. A budget-conscience quotation is handed to you for your perusal next. Once you agree on the ridiculously reasonable prices, our wizard will solidify the details and get you to sign the contract. This is where the fun part begins!



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