Fall Clean Up

Good fall clean up services are a must, if you want to own and enjoy a healthy, evergreen lawn. At Lotus Landscaping, fall arrives mid-November and that is when our fall clean ups begin. Like our exemplary spring service, our team of professionals understands how important it is to prepare your lawn for winter and keep it as presentable with fall cleaning.

Aside from the generic lawn mowing services, our lawn clean up also includes leaf clean up. During fall, your lawn/yard will probably be overflowing with fallen leaves that will require our expert leaf clean up services.

Our next step is to trim down the perennials in your garden, which winterizes them, getting them to ready to face the cold and survive it. Then we get down to removing the remnants of the annual flowers left behind in flowerbeds. Since the annuals have completed their life cycle and will not be growing again before the next growing season i.e. spring arrives, this is an important step.

After this, we will collect all the debris, dead plant material, and leaves from the lawn and dispose them off properly. This requires disposals in an environmental-friendly and sustainable way i.e. by using only biodegradable bags.

Next, we move on to the final touches to ensure your lawn remains spick and span. The last step is to blow the dust that has collected over all surfaces during the job. We promise to leave your lawn looking better than new.