Lawn Mowing

Through our efforts, your lawn and yard will keep looking flawless month after month.

We know you are too busy to work in your backyard, no matter how much you want to. What we aim for is returning your landscape to its former – or newly achieved – glory so that you can enjoy its beauty without worrying about removing the deadheads and weeds. Keeping time and money constraints in mind, Lotus Landscaping is more than ready to offer you with flexible solutions that will make a well-maintained lawn seem effortlessly achieved!

Our Reach

We provide lawn moving and yard maintenance services to all the residents of Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, and North York

Frequency of Visits

Between May and October, we can pencil you down for four visits per month of yard service, if need be.


Our Markham lawn mowing services entail:

  • Mowing the lawn every week
  • Finding the hard-to-reach places and introducing them to our grass cutting services
  • After lawn cutting, we get into mulch clipping
  • Gathering leaves during the fall
  • Removing all evidence of our presence