Our Team

There is a reason why Lotus Landscaping is able to deliver stunning pieces of landscape design to every customer. There is also a reason why we only leave behind satisfied customers who cannot stop praising our latest masterpiece in garden design.

That reason is our small, experienced team of experts willing to go the extra mile, to put in that much extra effort and put their backs — and minds — into every task they do. We are extremely proud of them. This is where we introduce you to them.

Since we are a small firm, we currently employ a total of five crews. Two of the teams are involved in construction of home landscaping while the remaining three teams are responsible for property maintenance. Our landscape design crew is made of individuals with the passion for unique and original landscaping ideas. When they arrive on the scene, their first step is to begin a dialogue with you.  Through an attentive consultation, they start working with you for an insightful landscape that reflects your style. Their adroitness in artistry and management will have you satisfied within no time. Another quirk of theirs is using material that is high quality and sustainable so they can promise warranties on both the plants and the masonry.

The crews involved in property maintenance have among their responsibilities lawn care and winter care. Not only do they keep lawn in shape during the snow-free parts of the year but also these crews are such professionals that they keep winter out of it! Our snow plowing and lawn mowing ensures that your little slice of heaven stays exactly that all year round.

Come to Lotus Landscaping, if you are looking for crews that:

  • Deliver a consistent level of quality
  • Have a passion for detail
  • Are problem solvers
  • Love what they do
  • Completely professional and ridiculously good at what they do.

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