Lawn Care

Allow Lotus Landscaping to keep your lawn looking its best all year round.

Core Aeration

Core aeration signs are familiar to all lawn owners – exposure of small soil plugs to aerate the soil below. For best core aeration costs and services
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Dethatching Dead Grass

If lawn clean up is a hard job, finding the right lawn clean up services is even more difficult. Let Lotus Landscaping handle it for you.
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Fall Clean Up

Lotus Landscaping provides exemplary fall clean up services. Contact us today and take advantage of our more than reasonable prices!

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Fertilizing, Weed Control, & Insect Control

Are you tired of using ineffective methods of weed and insect control? How about the unavailability of good fertilization providers?
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Lawn Mowing

If, like us, unkempt lawns give you the heebie-jeebies, then you know what you need to do! You need to call the brilliant folks at Lotus Landscaping – us – for exceptional yard care with the best lawn mowing prices in town!
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Shrubs Trimming

To a layperson, shrub trimming may mean shaping a shrub or reducing its size. That is not the case with the arborists at Lotus Landscaping. Call us to keep your shrubbery healthy and happy!learn more

Tree Removal

Tree removal and tree trimming can be time-consuming jobs, if done on your own. Hiring landscaping contractors, who provide you with the best service, makes sense, does it not?
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For a complete lawn care plan, you will need the services of an equally exceptional landscaping company. Lotus Landscaping is that company. We intend to make lawn keeping a breeze! Our lawn care maintenance runs throughout May and October and our experts can visit you four times a month. Once you hire us, weekly lawn mowing service and grass care become our responsibility. Our team is so enthusiastic and insistent on keeping your lawn well cared for that they will also dispense with lawn care tips to tide you up in their absence.

Other than spring lawn care tips, we also provide lawn care during the fall season. By clearing out the dead grass, dethatching and fall clean up, we leave your garden beautifully green, even in that season! Raking leaves, removing dead annuals, and winterization of the perennials all leave your lawn ready to face the hardships of winter and come out swinging.

Effective insect and weed control, as well as, fertilizers that keep your yard green and healthy are another branch of our lawn care services. We also offer sodding and topdressing of lawns, along with seeding. We only use the best lawn seeds. Through our hard work, we ensure you do not have to spend on a new lawn with our economical alternatives.

Core aeration by Lotus Landscaping is yet another way through which we keep your lawn verdant and blooming. It has many advantages and is necessary for a thriving garden. We also deal in tree removals, stump grinding, and pruning. To conclude, you can see that when you hire Lotus Landscaping, you can expect the best and most comprehensive lawn care in Toronto.