Retaining and Plants Bed

Whether you require a retaining wall cap, a decoration wall design, or excellent garden wall ideas, we are the contractors for the job. Take a look at the various kinds of walls that we offer:

Beltis Wall

  • For a seamless look, Beltis Wall is a good choice
  • The stones come with that “natural” antiqued-look
  • Good for both curved and straight walls

Border Wall

  • If you prefer the classic look, opt for this one
  • The economics of this option will not disappoint either!

Chiselled Wall Cap

  • Choose this option, if you are a fan of the hand-chiselled look
  • The soft colours of garden blocks inspired by nature will fit right in!
  • The beauty of this wall lies in its uniformity.

Country Wall

  • Like the Beltis wall, this wall also offers a seamless look that eliminate gaps and the stones wear the same “worn” look.
  • You will not require cap with these garden wall blocks.

Olde Manor Wall

  • This style is perfect for columns, pillars, garden or retaining walls, and flower beds
  • The versatility of this style lends it to various applications and random patterns
  • The stones bear that same antiquated look that adds authenticity to a landscape with

the added bonus that you can use a single block for both the wall and cap.


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