Shrubs Trimming

Our master pruners will tell you that while landscaping shrubs might take some work, if done correctly, landscape shrubs will live up to 20 years or more! Surprised? That is how Lotus Landscaping works its magic on shrubs and trees. To most people, trees and shrubs pruning means shearing a plant until it forms a particular shape or size. That is not what our arborists think shrubs trimming services mean. We believe in naturally trimming shrubs, so that they not look pleasing to the eye but also have enhanced longevity.

An ordinary gardener and even most landscape contractors do not know how to trim shrubs the right way. It is a delicate balance between taking care of the plant’s physiological needs with the look that you are trying to achieve when using shrubs for landscaping. If you cut off most of the plant’s interior branches, it will lose its photosynthetic capacity, causing it to hollow out and decline.

Our expert arborists will prune your plants by hand in a way that they end up looking beautiful and denser. This will allow sunlight to reach deeper and enable photosynthesis. Our holistic approach to shrub trimming often means that we offer expert advice, even before you have made up your mind about what to plant.

We bring passion to every job, here at Lotus Landscaping, and shrub trimming is no exception.