Snow Plowing

Reach of our Snow Plowing Services - Markham, Richmond Hill, and Stouffville
Range of our Snow Removal Services - Our services start for snow that is at least 1.5 inches thick.

Our winter services entail snow shoveling and winter snow cleaning.

The first thing that we do on arriving at the scene is to provide you with the temporal estimate that will be required to remove the snow. After discussion of the effort and cost of doing so and your acceptance, your home — its walkways, sidewalks and entrances — become our responsibility for the winter.

We provide snow removal through:

  • Use of snow plow trucks for plowing. A snowplow truck will be required, if you have a large yard or curb that you want made snow-free.
  • For smaller areas, we use snow shovels. The snow shovel will require manual labour.

With winter services, our aim is to give you a snow-free winter with unclogged driveways and peace of mind that comes with a job well done. Call us at 1-888-308-3911 or visit us in person, 84 Yakefarm Blvd, Stou­ffville, ON, L4A 0V2 for a winter that you can enjoy without worrying!