Sodding, Over-seeding, and Top Dressing

The Sod Way

Why Go the Sod Way

  • If the soil in your yard/garden is lacking nutrients
  • In the presence of weeds
  • Your lawn sees a lot of foot traffic
  • If you are looking an option that will require less maintenance and effort than getting a new lawn
  • You require instant results
  • Uniformity is another requirement

What is the Sod Way

  • The present turf is removed, using a sod cutter
  • To the current soil is added topsoil that is rich in compost
  • The sod stacks are rolled over and immense care is taken to ensure they are in complete contact with the soil and there are no air pockets
  • The newly installed sod is watered

After they are done, our experts will leave you with excellent lawn care tips to ensure that your newly transformed lawn gets the best lawn care.

Top Dressing

Grass top dressing is the application of a layer of top dressing mix to the grass in your lawn, directly. It culminates in seeding a lawn with best quality lawn seeds.

How Often Should You Top Dress

Soil top-dressing every two to three years is recommended since the nutrients get depleted.

spring lawn care, top dressing soil

Why Top Dress

  • For a greener, healthier lawn
  • To improve the quality of the soil
  • To repair damaged zones
  • To improve the rates of organic matter decomposition and microbial activity in the soil
  • To increase the density of the lawn density

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