Tree Removal

At Lotus Landscaping, we offer excellent tree care services all year round. For a number of reasons, only an expert should be in charge of providing tree-cutting services, tree trimming services, and tree removal services.

One of those reasons is related to safety while another reason is related to the law. Since the community owns all trees, an ignorant person could get you in trouble by removing a tree that might be illegal. Lotus Landscaping arborists are not only familiar with the legal framework of Toronto and the GTA when it comes to tree cutting service and trimming but we also offer professional tree care service. Furthermore, our tree cutting prices are reasonable and soon you will decide, they are worth the results!

Tree Removal

Often a problem tree has to be removed completely or we must perform tree root removal. Circumstances under which tree or root removal becomes necessary include:

  • Dead/Dying tree
  • Obstruction of view
  • Construction purposes
  • Overcrowding is killing other tress

Stump Grinding

Another branch of our tree care services is stump grinding. It is required when the tree stumps are unsightly or detract from the beauty of the landscape.


Yet another facet of our tree care services involves tree pruning. One of the most common reasons to have trees pruned is the removal of deadwood. Since deadwood can fall without much provocation and cause damage to persons and property, as well as, attract pathogens and other pests, its removal is not only pleasing to the eye but practical. While necessary, to a tree, pruning will mean wounding it and decreasing its photosynthetic potential. If you intend to keep your tree alive, you should only hire professionals for this job.

To save your trees or remove them, free quotes and consultation, visit our website, and get in touch.