Why Choose Us

We cannot tell you how much we don’t like to curb our enthusiasm about curbs! A home is never complete without an eye-catching curb to go along with it. We start from your curb and beautify as we go along. Lotus Landscaping is the best choice because:

  • Our 5 million worth liability insurance will ensure your peace of mind.
  • We are licensed, registered contractors who provide our services all over the city of Markham
  • Our aim is to animate and enliven your landscape.

Not convinced yet? Here are some other reasons why Lotus Landscaping and lawn services are the right choice for you.

Challenges Excite Us

Our team’s exuberance to tackle the challenge that you put in front of them is legendary. Whether it is your first meeting with us or our arrival for the last oh-so-important touches, you will need no convincing how dedicated and excited we are to deliver.

This Involves You

Our passion to come through for every customer is only matched with our approach to a project. We know what is best for you is the one thing we never take for granted. We encourage your input and our consultative approach will make you a part of the process, if you so wish to be.

Our Landscapes Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Our team consists only of expert and experienced landscape contractors. They love taking tradition and landscaping principles and turning them on their head. We can be as old-fashioned and as modern as you want. We love helping people extend the same streak of individuality to their outdoor spaces that they cultivate in their homes.

The Test of Time

We know the devil is in the details and our team is almost fanatic in their devotion to building a strong foundation for a garden design. Our stylish landscapes are thus stronger than most and almost always exceed the industry standards. We want to leave you with a piece of art that lasts. Our results not only look pretty but will also withstand the onslaught of weather and passing time

Tested Time and Again

We are versatile and the services that we provide as diverse. Whether it is your front yard that needs to become eye-catching or the backyard that needs to lend a comfortable feel to the observer. Whether it is a patio that you want to show off or a poolscape that you want to share with the rest of the family and friends, all you need is to place a call. While we love being the first on the scene, our team is no less expert at refreshing tired landscapes that will suit the current you.

Designs That Inspire

Do not let previous disappointments deter you from seeking Lotus Landscaping out. We design to inspired design and our artistry leaves none of your landscaping desires unsatisfied. We care and make the whole experience enjoyable and the result is just to die for!

Old School Meets the New One

While we embrace the modern trends with open arms, our team at Lotus Landscaping thinks some traditions can never be let go. Hard work, social responsibility, work ethics, and professionalism are just some of those values.